The Greater Manchester VCSE Leadership Group sent out a briefing note on behalf of the VCSE sector addressing the effects of the cost of living crisis. The note was sent to Greater Manchester MPs with local infrastructure contacts in copy.

We intend for this note to be used by partners and colleagues across the VCSE sector, so please take a look at it and make use of it where it can help support your message or work.

The summary of the report reads,

‘VCSE organisations are facing challenges that threaten their capacity to provide services. The cost of living crisis and difficulties hiring staff members are affecting the ability of the VCSE sector to deliver work, while beneficiary demand on VCSE organisations is at extremely high levels. Investment from trusts and other funders during COVID has ended. There is a risk that some organisations will struggle to manage these factors, leading to the withdrawal of services or the closure of some organisations.’

The note contains recommendations and a case study.

The full note can be read here.