The GM VCSE Leadership Group was set up as a coalition of the willing seeking to promote the role and involvement of the VCSE sector and communities in Greater Manchester devolution. Members of the Leadership Group are expected to be Sector Leaders who can act as ‘catalysts and connectors’ on behalf of the Sector.  The composition of the group was originally agreed as one regional and three local infrastructure organisations, six provider organisations, three equalities organisations, two social enterprises and one member for Healthwatch.

The Leadership Group includes and is supported by the city-region and locality VCSE support organisations, including GMCVO (city-region), 10GM and its members (localities) and VSNW (NW regional, providing independent chair and secretariat). This site covers the work that we do together as a leadership group. For information about other work done by each member, please visit the member websites.

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Objectives of the Group

To champion VCSE engagement in devolution across Greater Manchester by promoting the vital role the sector plays in working towards a more equal society

To act as a point of contact for those working within Greater Manchester devolution and Greater Manchester’s VCSE sector

To share information and opportunities, operate transparently and think beyond individual organisations

To promote positive change and collaboration within the VCSE sector through devolution

To create a social movement for change that empowers the communities of Greater Manchester