The Greater Manchester VCSE Mental Health Leadership Group, are a group of 22 leaders from geographical/local, issue and identity based perspectives are working to shape and influence system developments at a GM and locality level. Since its inception in November 2017, the VCSE Mental Health Leadership group has become an integral part of Greater Manchester Mental Health structures.

Ben Whalley (Head of Operations at Gaddum) and Mel Safari (Director at LinguaGM), are the Radical Commissioning Leads for the Greater Manchester VCSE Mental Health Leadership Group. They have written a blog which explains coproduction and the benefits for people, services and commissioners.

Read the blog in full here

The VCSE Mental Health Leadership group intends to build the evidence on coproduction, including examples of positive practice, to improve local strategic decisions about, and the provision of, current and future mental health services for children, young people, adults and older adults. This includes people who are not in contact with mental health services, because of existing barriers to access or for other reasons.

Their future plans and input are to support commissioners and the wider system in end-to-end coproduction, providing guidance and tools for coproduced commissioning, practical recommendations for each step and ways of measuring the effectiveness of the process. This is to include key coproduction principles for creating measurable standards, identifying the existing evidence gaps and increase examples of positive practice with the VCSE sector.