The population of Greater Manchester experiences poorer health, lower life expectancy, and lower healthy life expectancy than other areas in the UK. This is partly due to a higher proportion of the population living in deprived communities. These inequalities are visible across communities in Greater Manchester and also between the city region as a whole, and other areas of the country. As part of the response to this situation, VCSE organisations are working with the GM Integrated Care Partnership to implement the Fairer Health For All Framework.

10GM’s approach to tackling these health inequalities is to work with partners to implement an ‘upstream model of care’. The video below explains more or you can view this factsheet.

Salford CVS’s role in a partnership that created an innovative, joint transport initiative is highlighted below. The initiative increased access to therapeutic, health and social activities for people with physical disabilities in Salford and beyond.

In Oldham, Action Together have been working on the Oldham Poverty Truth Commission to bring together the experiences of people who have been in poverty alongside people who work in council and health services, business and charities to make deep changes to the causes of poverty in Oldham.

Other ‘stories of change’ can be found on the Fairer Health For All Website including the work of Bolton CVS on a Covid-19 vaccination programme; a VCSE alliance in Trafford, involving Thrive Trafford, that shapes approaches to health and inequality; and a partnership approach to complex health needs in Wigan.

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To connect with the Population Health work of the Leadership Group and 10GM find out more on the Leadership Website here and 10GM’s Population Health page.