The VCSE Leadership Group, GMCA and the Integrated Care Partnership as part of the tripartite GM VCSE Accord has secured investment to support the delivery of the Accord. The new Accord began in 2021 and runs for five years.

As part of this investment, £60k has been allocated to help build ‘the best VCSE Ecosystem in England’ (commitment 5 of the Accord).

We are now looking for 3-5 proposals of between £10-20k (including VAT) that will support delivery of commitment 5 as well as contributing to delivery of the Accord in general.

Proposals should look to build a sustainable VCSE ecosystem across Greater Manchester. While Greater Manchester wide work will be prioritised, proposals could focus on multiple localities where support is needed to improve an important element of our VCSE ecosystem (see section 2.2 of the GM VCSE Policy Paper), especially where this is seen as a fundamental gap in the Greater Manchester network of action.

We are interested in receiving proposals for:

  • Research pieces
  • Case studies
  • Convening of new groups or networks
  • Increasing capacity of existing groups
  • Development work – engagement and co-design projects

For more information and to submit a proposal, please refer to this application form (downloads as a Word document)

Application deadline: Tuesday 6th December at 5pm