Inclusive Economy

Given the twin challenges of economic inequality and poverty in Greater Manchester, we recognise that the economy of Greater Manchester needs to be more inclusive, delivering better outcomes for all residents and ensuring everyone living in the city region can benefit from sustainable economic activity. We believe that VCSE organisations have a central role in achieving this, particularly in respect of encouraging economic activity in place with high levels of deprivation and poverty. We are working to promote the VCSE sector’s role in the Greater Manchester economy.

What is an ‘inclusive economy’?

There is not one clear definition of exactly what an inclusive economy is, as it could vary between places, but there are a number of characteristics you would expect to see. In March 2021 – the Greater Manchester VCSE Leadership Group published ‘Building a Greater Manchester: Our Economic Vision’. This report talks about some of the characteristics you would expect to see in an inclusive economy, but broadly speaking an inclusive economy is fairer, with good employment (i.e. paid at living wage and is secure), and equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities for all, not just those lucky enough to find themselves at the top of the food chain.

Text taken from the blog post ‘What do we mean by ‘inclusive economy‘?