As we know from our State of the VCSE sector research, there are around 75,000 paid staff and 500,000 volunteers working in charities, community groups, faith-based organisations and social enterprises across Greater Manchester. This is a massive workforce of people who are dedicated to doing good in their communities.

We also from many conversations that the Covid 19 pandemic has had a major impact on workforce wellbeing, retention and recruitment in VCSE sector organisations – and that there are inequalities within our sector, just as there are in communities.

Over the next 18 months, the VCSE sector’s local infrastructure organisations across Greater Manchester will be working together to improve our support on workforce issues – including matters such as HR support, leadership development, workplace wellbeing and recruitment.

But before we do that, we want to find out what is important to you right now. Is it recruitment? Is it salaries? With the support of GM Health and Social Care Partnership, we are working with Robertson Cooper to gather feedback.

This is a unique opportunity to look at what challenges and opportunities there are to supporting the single most important thing in all our organisations: our people.