All Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities, and BAME-led organisations, are an integral part of the fabric that makes up Greater Manchester (GM).

Many BAME communities face injustice and are not given a fair chance to do well. There is a huge challenge to change the economic, social and political inequalities. We recognise these problems are caused by all of us and must be resolved by all of us, working together. We are at a juncture where we can improve things – or allow them to get worse. We must work together with communities and across all sectors to create a better future in which everyone enjoys the same freedoms, rights and opportunities in Greater Manchester.

The GM VCSE Leadership Group welcomes the GMCA proposal to establish a Race EqualityPanel (3 June 2020). We also support a GM-specific review of the impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities. We pledge to play our part in ensuring this agenda moves from words to

We recognise that there is systematic and structural racism in our own sector.

To address this, we pledge to:

  • prioritise candid and honest conversations about racism and structural barriers in our sector
  • actively value and enable the voices of BAME people and communities in decision-making across GM
  • support our own BAME staff and volunteers, actively encouraging BAME people in leadership
  • play our part in educating and empowering the VCSE sector so we can tackle racism in all its forms
  • support local and national campaigning for racial justice
  • promote access to funding for BAME-led groups and organisations, and promote new funding and organisational models that redress financial inequity.

Support this Statement

If your organisation would like to join us in supporting the pledges above, please sign here and show your commitment to facilitating change. We will update this statement with all signatories in due course.

Supporters as at 22nd July 2020

Simone Spray, 42nd Street
Liz Windsor-Welsh, Action Together
David Haynes, Age UK Salford
Julia Savage, Asylum Matters
Priscilla Nkwenti, BHA
Michele Scattergood, Breakthrough UK
Charles Kwaku-Odoi, CAHN, Faith Network for Manchester (Co Chair)
Rachel Howle,y Citizens Advice GM
Lynne Stafford, Gaddum
Atiha Chaudry, GM BME Network (Chair)
Hayley Lever, GM Moving/Greater Sport
Graham Whitham, GM Poverty Action Group
Alex Whinnom, GMCVO
Khadija Tily, Kashmir Youth Project
Paul Martin, LGBT Foundation
Mike Wild, MACC
Stewart Lucas, Mind
Joanne Walby, Mustard Tree
Alison Page, Salford CVS
Priti Butler, The Big Life Group
Gail Heath, The Pankhurst Trust
Chris Dabbs, Unlimited Potential
Warren Escadale, VSNW