The Commissioning and Investment group of the GM VCSE Leadership Group have created a one-sider GM VCSE Briefing on NHS Contract Concerns that may support VCSE sector organisations in local contract negotiations.

The Commissioning and Investment Group recognise that there continue to be significant concerns regarding VCSE-held contracts and grants that are due to end in March 24, or later in the year 24/5.

Many of these contracts provide vital support and services to our community and the wider system by addressing inequality and poverty; improving health and wellbeing and preventing ill health; and supporting community resilience and solutions – all of which align closely with GM system and commissioner strategies.

If these contracts are not extended, the impact on individuals, communities, the VCSE contract holders, their workforce, and the wider system will be felt for many years.

Whilst we are working with our NHS GM commissioners to review each of their VCSE-held contracts at risk; we recognise that a lot of these decisions are being taken locally.

This briefing therefore aims to give VCSE organisations information on key strategies and policies that may you support in your local negotiations.

Read the briefing here: