We are recruiting for five current opportunities across Greater Manchester:

  1. GM Integrated Care Partnership Board
  2. GM Cancer Workforce & Education Programme Board
  3. GM System Quality Group
  4. GM Gender-Based Violence Board
  5. GM Digital Steering Group

If you or someone within your network is interested in these positions, please can I ask that you read and complete the attached Expression of Interests and send the completed form to kassandra.banks@vsnw.org.uk by 5pm on Friday 10 May 2024.

Representative Appointment Opportunities

GM Integrated Care Partnership Board

The GM Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) is a mandatory body for all Integrated Care Systems. It has a larger grouping of representatives and is central to setting priorities and preserving the culture and ambitions of Greater Manchester Devolution.

The GM VCSE Leadership Group and the GM Integrated Care System (ICS) are jointly seeking an individual to represent the VCSE sector on the GM Integrated Care Partnership Board. We are looking for an individual employed by Greater Manchester based or focused VCSE organisation, however, please be aware that on this board, alongside existing VCSE representatives, your role will be to represent whole VCSE sector in Greater Manchester and not your employing organisation.

Please note that it is important that the new VCSE representative can connect to both the Alternative Provider Collaborative and the GM VCSE Leadership Group.



GM Cancer Workforce & Education Programme Board

The GM Cancer Workforce & Education Programme Board is responsible for the oversight of the cancer workforce & education work programme in GM. The purpose of the Board is to develop and grow the cancer workforce in Greater Manchester (GM) to ensure the workforce is representative, inclusive, and supported to respond to the needs to people affected by cancer by adapting new, improved ways of working, and embrace innovation and technology to deliver the best quality healthcare.

It is important that the nominated VCSE representative will provide VCSE insight to the discussions and decision-making. To act as a conduit to the VCSE sector, both disseminating information across the VCSE networks, and equally collating broader VCSE insight to bring back to the groups.



GM System Quality Group (SQG)

The purpose of the System Quality Group (SQG) is to provide a strategic forum at which partners from across health, social care, public health and wider within the Integrated Care System (ICS) can join up around common priorities (linked to the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) strategy), routinely and systematically share insight and intelligence, identify opportunities for improvement and concerns/risks to quality, and develop system responses to enable ongoing improvement in the quality of care and services across the ICS.

GM Gender-Based Violence Board

The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Board has been established by GMCA to drive and oversee implementation of the city-region’s ten-year Gender-Based Violence Strategy. It is tasked with ensuring ongoing collaboration of public sector agencies, partners including from the voluntary and community sector, and the communities of Greater Manchester, to deliver systemic change in order to reduce and eradicate gender-based violence.

We already have representatives from Voluntary and Community sector organisations that support victims and survivors, we are now looking for a Voluntary and Community Sector, infrastructure organisation representative. Alongside existing VCSE representatives on the board, you will offer a strategic connection and engagement point into the wider sector.



GM Digital Steering Group

The Greater Manchester Steering Group sets the overall strategic direction for GM Digital through the GM Digital Blueprint. Ensuring that the collective resources and capabilities that are available to Greater Manchester are aligned and leveraged effectively, to ensure the ambitions defined in the GM Digital Blueprint are delivered.

Current VCFSE representation is low at Steering Group level, with the potential for missed opportunities, therefore there is a desire to increase lived experience and sector expertise perspectives to support Group purpose and aid its decision making and realise GM Digital Blueprint ambitions.