Alternative Provider Federation

The Alternative Provider Federation is a place-based partnership of social enterprise and charitable organisations operating at scale across the Iintegrated Care System (ICS) footprint. Greater Manchester has a strong social enterprise / charity sector providing a range of NHS and Public Health services. Although many operate across multiple boroughs, they have sometimes struggled to scale across GM and integrate within the wider NHS ecosystem.

The proposed ICS structures across GM facilitate engagement of social enterprise and charitable providers on a borough level. The Federation will provide an infrastructure for alternative providers to engage with the ICS on a GM footprint. The Federation will complement the work of the wider VCSE sector and reinforce the engagement of the wider voluntary and community ecosystem in the GM ICS structures.

It will act as the provider arm of the VCSE Leadership Group and is reflected in the revised Accord between the GMCA, GM ICS and VCSE sector. The Alternative Provider Federation will complement the NHS Provider Federation, GP Federation, and participate in the Provider Assembly.

How do I connect with this work?

To connect with this work visit the APF website here or connect via the social media channels using the icons below.

The APF has close links with the work of the Commissioning and Investment working group, read about their work here.

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