About the GM VCSE Accord

Greater Manchester leaders in local government, health and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) signed a new GM VCSE Accord in October 2021  to work together in a collaborative way to tackle entrenched inequalities.

The original GM VCSE Accord was signed in November 2017 by the Mayor of Greater Manchester on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), with several hundred representatives of the VCSE sector. Similarly, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and the VCSE sector in GM was signed in January 2017, setting out a new way for VCSE organisations and the health and social care sector to work together.

The new GM VCSE Accord replaces both the 2017 Accord and the 2017 MoU and sets out an agreement between the Greater Manchester Mayor, Combined Authority and the Greater Manchester Integrated Care System with the VCSE sector, based on a relationship of trust.

This new single, forward facing agreement, builds on the substantial engagement undertaken with our sector to produce the VCSE Policy Paper, which was published in January 2020 and sets out a 10 year vision for the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester. The Accord also takes into account our learning and reflections from the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 report of the GM Independent Inequalities Commission, the Marmot report ‘Building Back Better in Greater Manchester’, and the development of the GM Integrated Care System (ICS).

As part of the Accord refresh process, we facilitated engagement sessions across all local infrastructure organisations and key GM VCSE networks, as well as with the GMCA, ICS and other key public sector partners. You can view the presentation shared at the sessions and the feedback here.

The agreement is underpinned by our shared vision for the city region as set out in the Greater Manchester Strategy (GMS) – which is also being refreshed and renewed following its original publication in 2017. The Accord will act as a framework for the VCSE sector’s role in the delivery of the GMS vision and in the thematic strategies and delivery plans that exist to deliver the GMS vision. The VCSE sector will be involved in the development, governance and delivery of the GMS including co-design of relevant activities.

You can view the final version of the Accord below, signed by representatives of the three parties.

View the VCSE Accord
View the Accord Annex

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The three parties have agreed a five year Implementation Plan.

This plan sets out the framework which will guide the leadership, enabling and developmental activities carried out at a GM footprint over the next 5 years. This work will underpin and enable the wider work of the VCSE sector in the districts of Greater Manchester. The plan is part of the mechanism for overcoming the barriers and issues which exist for the VCSE sector in delivering activities which contribute towards the objectives in the Greater Manchester Strategy.

View the Implementation Plan


A delivery plan for the next 12 months has been developed by the Accord Delivery Team, made up of staff from Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership (soon to become GM Integrated Care Partnership), and on behalf of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector: Voluntary Sector North West (VSNW), GMCVO and 10GM as members of the GM VCSE Leadership Group.

Work will focus on 9 delivery themes taken from the VCSE Accord Implementation Plan:

Population Health – Working with the Population Health team to ensure the VCSE sector plays a full role in Greater Manchester’s Population Health system. This includes work to implement Person Centred Community Approaches, informing the ‘Live Well’ approach, and linking the valuable insight our sector holds into the new Greater Manchester data platform. This work is being led by the Population Health working group of the Leadership Group, with support from VSNW.

Commissioning and Investment – Implement the principles of the Greater Manchester VCSE Commissioning Framework across all 10 localities. This will include training for commissioners and VCSE groups to embed the framework and support a strategic investment approach to funding. This work is being led by the Commissioning working group of the Leadership Group, with support from 10GM.

Collaboration in VCSE Service Delivery – Establish a partnership of social enterprises and charitable organisations that operate at scale through the new Integrated Care System. In order to do this the Leadership Group, with support from key partners such as 10GM, has set up the Alternative Provider Federation which is due to launch in June.

Workforce Development – Implement a programme of interventions that support the VCSE workforce such as the Race Equality Action Plan, wellbeing support, volunteering principles/values and Real Living Wage. This work is being led by the Workforce working group of the Leadership Group with support from VSNW and 10GM.

Inclusive Economy – Promote understanding of the types of activity required for an inclusive economy. Develop the operating environment and support work that will enable sustainable growth of the kind of organisations that contribute to an inclusive economy. This work is being led by the Inclusive Economy working group of the Leadership Group, with support from GMCVO.

Communication – Develop and deliver a communications strategy that builds knowledge and understanding of the diverse VCSE sector among the public sector and enables understanding of GM structures among VCSE organisations. The aim is to better connect the sector from each borough, and each community of identity and interest into this work.

Creating and Sustaining the VCSE Ecosystem – Grow VCSE infrastructure capacity to enable involvement of communities of identity, experience and places in all 10 GM localities. Develop a plan for the VCSE to play a part in plans to boost community resilience. This work is supported by 10GM, GMCVO and VSNW on behalf of the Leadership Group.

Equalities: Engagement and Involvement of Diverse Communities of Identity – Develop a set of practical pan-equalities commitments and principles that partner organisations can sign up to that will help ensure that the voice of diverse communities is heard in policymaking. Ensure that VCSE equalities organisations are supported to develop and are engaged with Integrated Care System structures/activity. This work is being led by GM Equality Alliance (GM=EqAl) which is hosted by GMCVO.

VCSE Sector Involvement and Influencing – Ensure effective VCSE sector representation on GM boards and partnerships. Organise the VCSE sector to effectively campaign and lobby on key VCSE sector issues. Engage with public sector partners to influence strategic plans. This work is being supported by VSNW on behalf of the Leadership Group.

You can stay up to date with developments to implement the VCSE Accord by following us on Twitter or subscribing to our monthly eBulletin