10GM is partnering with Data Orchard CIC to understand the state of data and intelligence in the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester. Over the next 6 months, they’ll be working together to explore how the sector is doing currently, listen to the VCSE sector’s challenges and needs around data, and plan what kind of support and resources will be useful in future.

Data is increasingly important for organisations and is part of almost everyone’s job these days. Yet many aren’t reaping the rewards. Research shows more data-advanced (or data mature) VSCE organisation are: more informed and responsive, able to design and deliver better services, demonstrate greater impact, generate more income and efficiency savings, and have greater credibility and influence.

10GM want to hear your views so they can focus on what’s important to help your organisation and the sector to use data to meet the needs of people in Greater Manchester. Learn more and take part in the assessment here.